About Us

Makerbloks is your leading manufacturer of electronics world over. We are the most dependable company trusted by many industries around the world. The parts we produce have been a part of the appliances you use in your daily lives. They have been the cornerstone of the machines that make your everyday lives easier all the time. Most of all, those futuristic inventions that usually are just a part of sci-fi movies, we make it possible here at Makerbloks.

Makerbloks was established by the brothers Dick and John in early 1960s. It was just a small scale business than catering to the machine parts needs of people within the vicinity of Milwaukee. Their love for tinkering things and disassembling and reassembling machines is what prompted them to start this business. They want people to have as much access to rarely available machine parts so that it won’t be a setback for the projects they are working on. It just works well for them as well since the same materials are needed in producing their craft.

Ever since they started in the business, they were already very dependable when it comes to the supplies they offer to the consumers. This is what set them apart from other established manufacturers already in the industry. They are very keen on looking after the processes and they ensure that the outcome is at par with the quality control standards. They never leave any stones unturned when it comes to perfecting their work. As such, this paved their path towards expansion and success. Now, they do not simply provide parts and electronics to the community, they have the whole world as their market as well. And they are continuously expanding and looking for better ways to serve people better.

For any inquiries regarding our products and services, you could check out the Contact Us page to know how to reach us.