• Build with the blocks, connect with the story.

    MakerBloks is an educational toy that combines hands-on play with a digital story.

"Electronic building blocks that are dead simple and pure genius."
"Think of MakerBloks as super high-tech LEGOs"
"Here are some examples (...) that seem to be getting it right"

Powered by imagination

MakerBloks inspire kids to think, design, and experiment. By engaging in a hands on experience with our color-coded and magnetically-connected blocks, kids learn the basics of electronics in a fun and creative way. We help kids as young as 6 years old become masters, not just consumers, of technology.

Kids Playing MakerBloks

How it works

Connect the blocks

Each block contains a magnet so they can easily find the others, connect, and then become a fully functioning circuit. Play around with different sequences, and get to know each of their functions and what they can do. Battery + LED = Light!

Make something new

Build your own games with each kit! A keyboard that plays any note you can think of. A buzzer board for your own personal game show. PLUS, each kit (and expansion pack) comes with a set of built-in interactive games. Circuits + Imagination = Endless possibilities!

Follow the story

Our original Story App brings you to MakerCity, where the blocks are used to unlock puzzles and solve problems. Follow chapter by chapter as you learn about the crazy inventors, friendly neighbours and the evil doctor who is trying to destroy MakerCity.

Spy Expansion

For the curious soul, who likes to find the answers to things with unusual methods, and enjoys the twists and turns on the way to solving a mystery.

MakerBloks spy expansion kit

Music Expansion

For the budding musician, who walks to the beat of his or her own drum, whistles while he or she works and appreciates a good tune.

Music Expansion Kit


Come explore MakerCity with Margot and Gavin. These curious kids need your help fixing a movie set, launching a rocket into outer space, and lots of other challenges that only you and your MakerBloks can solve!

  • 18 blocks (1 Battery Block, 1 Brain Block, 4 Push Buttons, 2 Resistors, 2 Variable Resistors, 1 Splitter, 4 LEDs, 2 Buzzers, 1 Photo-resistor)
  • Charging cable
  • Instruction booklet
  • Access to our Story App (iOS only – Android coming soon)

  • Blocks connect to the tablet via Bluetooth technology
  • Up to 2 hours battery life
  • iOS & Android compatible
  • Works with iPad 3, 4, Mini, Air and Air 2.

Kids Playing MakerBloks


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Frequently asked questions

MakerBloks circuit kit costs $99 and includes 1 story.
You will receive 18 blocks, including 1 battery and 1 processor, along with a charging cable. Out of the blocks, you will receive resistors, push buttons, rocker switches, splitters, LED lights, and buzzers.
Children as young as 5 years old can play with MakerBloks: they are safe, and durable. MakersBloks were designed specifically for kids to learn about technology – so they have been kid tested and approved!
MakerBloks can be played with all on their own, but if you want to play with them and our digital story all you need is access to an iPad (mini, version 2, or anything more recent than that), or an Apple TV, and you’re all set!