I think we can all agree that STEM education is very important for the success of future generations. However, it’s hard to always find ways to give kids hands-on STEM experiences in order to help them apply their lessons to the real world. Enter: the kitchen.

If you are looking for some ideas for creative parenting that will help introduce your young child to the real-world application of their STEM skills (and get dinner on the table faster!), you need only to step into your kitchen.

The kitchen is a great place to give children the opportunity to explore science and math in a fun, exciting way.

Technology can be used in the searching for recipes, and opportunities for discussing engineering can happen every time you pull out a new appliance in the kitchen.

Here are 3 ways you can expand upon your child’s education in the kitchen:

  1. Measuring:

    From finding the correct measuring cup to weighing items on a food scale, there are so many opportunities to get measuring done in a kitchen. To grow this skill further, have older children convert measurements or double a recipe.

  2. Stirring:

    Stirring ingredients together and watching what happens is like a big science experiment.

    This is especially true if you are cooking from a recipe you have never used or if you are creating a new recipe of your own. Try adding ingredients one at a time to see what they do to the mixture individually. Try melting the butter before adding it. Does that do anything different? Encourage your child to experiment and make new discoveries!

  3. Chemistry:

    All cooking involves chemistry. While your soup is simmering or your cake is baking, discuss the ingredients you put in and throw around ideas to get kids talking about what they believe will happen based on their knowledge of the ingredients. Discuss the chemical reactions between certain ingredients in order to help your child come to their own conclusions.

    Of course, the kitchen is just one of the places you can help your child apply STEM education in their daily lives. By keeping them engaged and excited about learning, you can help improve the lives of the next generation of cooks!

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