Revisiting Classic Fun Toys: Furby

OK. We know that the Furby has a contested place in history of classic fun toys. It is, to this day, the best selling toy in toy history. Furbies come in a variety of colours and personalities. Between 1998 and 2001, 40 million Furbies were sold. Furbies also got very expensive, very fast. Originally priced at 35 $, their value climbed up to several hundred dollars during the Christmas season.

What was Furby?

Furbies are round, plushy, electronic toys. They looked like a cross between an owl and a potato, with large round eyes, and even larger ears. They also spoke their own exclusive language of called Furbish. Essentially, Furby was the first domestic robot sold to kids, and it was wrapped up in a furry and colourful exterior.




Why we loved it?

Back in the day, we seemed to think that Furbies were pretty cool. Besides being the first domestic robot, Furbies came with different personalities. Their personalities did vary according to how you treated them. You also had to wean them off of their pre-programmed language Furbish, and teach them English. Despite all the attention and care that they required, training a Furby was very rewarding. If you trained them properly, they became loving and affectionate creatures who interacted with you in English. Furby also taught us how to solve problems with gentleness and love. The only way to properly re-train them was to hold them and pet them on the head to show them affection.

What happened to Furbies?

Giving Furby affection was fun at first, but they also became very demanding if they weren’t shown instant affection upon demand. They were needy, and if they didn’t get the attention they requested, their attitude would erupt and wreak havoc on us. Many of us came to resent our Furbies. However, Furby was revived in 2005 and became a classic fun toy. They are now pre-programmed for English, and Furbish is now a dead language. Furby has also gained popularity among members of the hacking community, who often program them to do inventive things.


Marissa Cristiano, Guest Blogger,marissacristiano.com

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