If you are looking for a project to work on together as a family, a family cookbook is a fun project to take on.

Every family has memories surrounding food. Not only the food itself but the stories that go with it. A family cookbook would be a good way to treasure those memories for yourself and future generations and pass on cherished recipes. It is an informal recording of your family’s history as well.

Here are some ideas for making your family cookbook:

  • Collect recipes. Besides your own recipes, collect them from relatives. If you can find some written by hand, that makes them extra special. They can be copied and added to the book. If you don’t have the exact recipe but you know your mom loved pineapple upside down cake, for example, you can find a recipe for the cake and just mark it with a little note about how it was mom’s favorite.
  • Add stories. Add a story or memories surrounding that food to make the cookbook more personal. It could be similar to a scrapbook format. Ask family members to tell you things that they remember. You can either type these or let a relative who has nice hand writing, write it out for you. Writing them out would be a good way older children or teens could contribute to the book.
  • Use photos. Adding photos will really make your book special. You can find family photos when you were cooking or eating together or maybe photograph grandma demonstrating the steps of a more complicated recipe.
  • Add history. The youngest family members probably don’t know that before there were refrigerators the ice man delivered a block of ice to your door to keep your food cold in your icebox. Many adult children don’t know that during the 1960’s the milkman would leave milk at your door in a metal box that he would fill with ice. That way it stayed cold until you got home from work. Many children today probably don’t even know what a milkman is! So adding history in pictures or words will educate and add some nostalgia to your family cookbook. The warmest memories might come from listening to grandma or grandpa relate these memories!
  • Get them printed. Just look online and you will find several companies that will print your cookbook. You just choose the cover, the type of binding, and the content and they will print your book. Or, if you are feeling creative and want to give it a personal touch, you could assemble it yourself. Wouldn’t this make a wonderful gift for relatives?

Getting the family together to collaborate on a fun family project is a great way to spend time together and to create memories for now and later!

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