Makerbloks  | FAQS

To improve your experience with us, we have added this Frequently Asked Questions tab to serve as your guide in going through the Makerbloks site. We hope that the questions often asked by our clients would also be informative to you as you try the products and services we offer. Feel free to email us to add your own.

What is a Makerbloks starter kit?

Makersblok starter kit is a kit assembled to contain color-coded blocks and other parts that make up different kinds of invention. It could be a mini car or a mini-fan, but the beauty of this lies in its ability to teach individuals how to build. By learning this at a young age, they acquire a sense of responsibility and creativeness that would be a good foundation for whatever career they will choose in the future.

Is there an age limit for those people who’d want to try this out?

No. There is no age limit. No matter how old you are, you can always purchase and assemble a kit befitting your interests. We do encourage parental guidance however for kids under 12 years old. Our products are not harmful, but there are parts there that need careful handling.

Can I order for the starter kit online?

Yes, you can place your order through this site. We have a virtual cart you could use during the checkout. All of the products we post in our online market has the same price as the one located in our official stores.

Do you charge shipping cost?

Yes. This depends on the courier that would cater to your mailing address. However, if you have preferred courier, you could coordinate with us and we can see if it is viable to utilize it to send your package. Insurance of the product is also subject to a cost if you prefer to have one.