Planning a Halloween party for your kids and their friends doesn’t sound like it should involve much more than candy – it is Halloween after all – but there are a number of games and activities you can plan that are sure to have the kids remembering the party for years to come. Here are some Halloween party games and activities for kids that are guaranteed fun:

1. Pumpkin Bean Bag Toss

Hollow out some pumpkins and place them on one side of the room, on the other side place strips of tape to designate where kids of different ages are to stand (younger get to stand closer, older farther away.) Then make or buy some bean bags and let the kids take turns tossing the bags into the hollowed out pumpkins for candy or prizes.

2. Fishing in the Witches Brew

This game is normally played by making a Sea of water by painting a sheet with some blue water and fish, then making a few simple fishing poles and allowing the kids to ‘go fishing.’ They place the string from the pole over the sheet and someone connects a prize to the line on the other side. To give this a Halloween spin, simply make the ocean a great big cauldron to represent a witches brew, and use a witches broom in place of a fishing pole.

3. Pumpkin Bowling

Everyone has seen the cute tiny pumpkins at the grocery store, a lot of people use them to decorate their house with during Halloween time, use those tiny pumpkins as bowling balls and make some ghost pins out of soda bottles for Halloween Pumpkin Bowling.

4. Cake Walk

Write the numbers 1-10, or 20 if you have more kids, on paper plates and tape them to the ground in a big circle. Have each child stand on a plate then play music and have them walk clockwise to the music. This is especially fun with Halloween music like the Monster Mash. Stop the music then draw a number, the child standing on that number wins a cupcake!

5. Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin

Grab some poster board and your artistic skills! Draw a giant pumpkin then cut use black paper to cut out the eyes, mouth, and nose. Have some tape nearby and blindfold one child at a time and let them try to tape the nose on the pumpkin.

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