School is fun at first, but it can become stressful and overwhelming for the teachers, parents, and students. Once the children start getting a sense of normalcy at school, they tend to lose focus and interest in the education. So how do parents help to keep them interested in school? Here are some tips to help:

  1. Know what your child is learning. Ask your child about each subject in school. To ensure that you know the curriculum, it helps to stay in contact with their teacher(s). Help your child with their homework regularly so that you can become familiar with the types of assignments that they are getting. Knowing the types of assignments and frequency of homework in their class(es) will make it more obvious to you if your child is forgetting homework.
  2. Play games and sing songs. If your child is struggling in a subject, try to make it more fun to learn. Some children stop putting forth an effort if they feel as though they are falling behind. In order to keep this from happening, make up your own games and songs to help your child understand. Some things already have games and, if you aren’t terribly creative, there are a lot of great ideas online.
  3. Read together. Books are low on the list of fun things to do with your children. They don’t want to read when they could be watching TV or playing video games. The best solution to that problem is to show them how fun it is. If your child already likes to read, let them choose a book. If your child doesn’t like reading, try choosing a book that you loved when you were younger. Either way, read it together and talk about it. They may not start a book club, but they will get better at reading and have an easier time with those book reports.
  4. Family play time. Set aside a day that your family can have together each week or bi-weekly. This helps break up the school days. Spend family days watching a movie, playing games together, or going somewhere fun for everyone. It doesn’t have to cost any money, but it does have to include everyone. If you don’t have fun time, your child will grow restless during the year. You can also use this time to reward your child’s hard work. Let them choose the games, the food, or the movies to show them that you appreciate their effort. Try these ideas for parents to find more ways to spend your family time.

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