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The package just arrived a few days ago. We purchased this as a gift for my son who had his 10th birthday. We already observed in him his inclination to all things science so we decided to give a starter package to him as a gift. At first, he wasn’t able to figure it out. I admit, just looking at all the contents of the container made my head hurt. I’m not very fond of electronics and I hate it more that I have to put it together to create something. Anyway, his father tried to help him as he grew frustrated. But my son was very independent and wanted to figure things out on his own. After 3 days, he was able to show us the finished product. Who would have thought that he could actually build a mini-car out of little parts, and wirings? Definitely not me. But since then my son developed a greater interest in the craft than ever before. Now he was asking for another one as a gift for Christmas.


This is a great collectible for people of all ages. It was great to look at but the effort involved in creating it is a real hard work. It would challenge your mind. But after your adventure is over, you would feel fulfilled with the outcome. Now I’m just waiting for the new packages to be delivered. I am so excited to start a new project.