Kids are naturally plugged into the holidays. There are commercials, events and activities engulfing our kids’ attention during the holidays. Thanksgiving lacks the glitter, and hype of other holidays. How do you get the Thanksgiving meaning across while getting your kids involved?

History Lesson

This holiday has a built-in history lesson of our forefathers first Thanksgiving. Why not involve your kids in the true meaning of Thanksgiving. Scholastic has a number of excellent books for all ages for kids to learn about this tradition.

If your little learner loves computer interactive games, has a great interactive game that lets you and your child be the historian during the first Thanksgiving. There is also another interactive game on their site about how to build a ship and sail it like the pilgrims.

Create Thanksgiving Traditions

  • Make decorations and crafts for your own special tradition.
  • Watch or go to a parade and join the camaraderie of the holiday.
  • Have a board game Thanksgiving fun time.
  • Make a special dish with everyone pitching in for the special meal.
  • A great way to learn to measure and food chemical combinations are to get your kids involved in measuring, mixing and preparing traditional dishes.
  • Have a fun moment going around the table and everyone says what they are thankful for from the past year.
  • Watch your favorite holiday movies and sports as a family.
  • Have your kids count heads and place the dinner setting. This a great way to teach kids to count, sort, group and organize.

Excited About Traditions

Thanksgiving is not a commercialized holiday involving spending money on items. It is a time to spend quality time with family and friends. Why not incorporate learning activities into the bonding of this holiday time? It is a great time to establish traditions, teach history, and share annual family bonding. Also, It is a great time to take a deep breath before winter and other holiday events. Create your traditions and enjoy a welcome respite.

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